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Contribute to a healthy and safer world

Ferry van der Ent has extensive experience in aviation thanks to positions at KLM, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Air Cargo Netherlands. In 2013 he founded VanDerEnt Consultancy with a focus on commercial air freight development at airports and airlines. Since then, the services offered have expanded to include aircargo security, EU/IATA validations and sustainability programs. Meanwhile, GSSAs, GHAs and 3PL/forwarding companies are now also part of the customer portfolio.

We are committed to changing air cargo logistics so that it serves the growing population without depleting the earth. We actively encourage costumers to make sustainable and smart choices. We are also working hard to accelerate the energy transition in our sector.

At VanDerEnt Consultancy, a sustainable and safe future is key. For over a decade we have been working together with our clients to make this happen.

Our multidisciplinary team is fully committed to our themes. The team consist of content driven consultants and passionate professionals enjoy partnering with us. Specialists who combine their knowledge and ability to think with our ideal of actually contributing to a healthier, safer and more sustainable planet.

We ensure that this change is profitable for our customers and focused on the future. That was our mission when we were founded over 10 years ago. And it is more relevant now than ever. Will you join us?