AirCargo Strategy

Future proof air cargo strategy

Aviation is faced with the task of further reducing its ecological footprint and becoming more climate-proof. An important part of aviation is the transportation of air cargo. Not only airlines, but all links in the air cargo chain must be aware of social changes with regard to the environment and adapt to them in order to guarantee continuity to their customers in the longer term.

We help our customers develop and roll out a business strategy in which they contribute to future-proof aviation. It will make their offered services more efficient and sustainable, thereby strengthen their competitive position.

Next to individual companies, there is the broader perspective of collaboration between parties which have mutual interests. We are committed to bringing together and activating all relevant parties, hence we can create a sustainable and profitable future for air cargo transportation, while also meeting the growing demands of customers for greener and more socially responsible supply chains.

The pursuit of a healthy future for the air freight sector can be supported by strengthening public-private partnerships, transparent communication and conducting a social dialogue about the value of air freight. We advise our customers about these topics and facilitate the process.

In the event of capacity or regulatory constraints, we examine which activities or segments provide the most added value within these constraints. This added value consists of a mix of financial and social profit and provides focus for your marketing efforts or investments.